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Flip Side

Lots and lots of cherry tomatoes – that seems to be the only thing the varmints aren’t stealing from our carefully curated garden. Let’s see, they’ve bitten the tops off the okra plants, eaten the Cherokee Purples, and finally in a bout of unusual cruelty snuck in at night and bit every cucumber – just a bite– not even bothering to finish one. …

It’s Fun to Say Clafoutis (And fun to eat it!)

Don’t let the fancy French name fool you. If you have a blender or mixer, Honey, and Bourbon, Peach Claufoutis is one of the easiest desserts you’ll ever make. 


Or wait – let’s not get picky this can be a dandy breakfast/brunch treat. …

Aloha Tiger Salad

Something magical happened in the cucumber patch this summer. 


 Because of The Virus not much of this season’s planting had to do with going to a garden center, but instead ordering seeds and starting them in whatever containers were available. …

Simple Pleasures

We went to visit my mom in the charming courtyard at her residence yesterday. 

SFSrichlandPl 1.jpeg

Everyone living there has been in quarantine and they are now thrilled to be able to invite friends and loved ones to sit outside. My mom isn’t doing much cooking lately so it was a surprise when she showed up with a container of

Making Monday Magic

I’ve just discovered a way to beat the Monday morning blahs – bake cookies! Cookies make everybody happy. Does anyone remember the Judy Collins song from the 70’s “I Always Cook with Honey”? Well that’s a good thing to do around here since we keep bees, but Judy was right -honey provides such a delicious mellow taste that is lighter than just sugar.

The Best Salad

When Meryll Rose from Channel 5’s Talk of The Town sent me a message saying, “Do you wanna Zoom cook with me?”– the answer was a definite yes! I miss my Channel 5 family, miss blogging and cooking with friends and this seemed like the perfect way to get some of that positive feeling back in the kitchen. …

Strawberry Muffins Forever


Just when writing about food seemed like a good thing to do – Kaboom! Nashville went dark. Literally. The storm took down trees which downed power lines and adding one more fear to a long list…what if everything in the freezer thaws out? …

It’s Time

When all of THIS began somehow it didn’t feel like a time to blog about enjoying food or anything else for that matter. But recently a dear friend said she thought getting back to sharing recipes from my kitchen with my friends would be a good thing. …

Cooking with Lelan

Last Monday I enjoyed cooking on Talk of the Town with Lelan Statom. We created goat cheese cheesecakes using Girl Scout shortbread cookies (Trefoils) to make the crust.


                     Click here to view

 Lelan admitted that everyone thinks his favorite way to eat those cookies with cheese is kind of weird so clearly the cheesecake with a cookie crust was destined to be his favorite dessert. …

Spring Break Cake


My mother has been reminiscing about a cake pan and a recipe that goes with it. The pan was easy to find, it was in her refrigerator holding apples. She has always had a talent for repurposing. It’s made of copper and shaped like a shell. …


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