A Piggy Treat


Everybody adores Country Ham Salad Sandwiches. People ask for the recipe all the time and I gladly pass it along, but I was so flattered when my friend Ina called and told me she couldn’t find it in the book or blog and HAD TO have it. Ina would say she’s just a good basic Southern Cook, but in truth she’s one of the very best cooks I know and if she wants my recipe, then, I’m just proud as a peacock! I’ve meant to blog Country Ham Salad Sandwiches forever, but the recipe keeps getting looked over in the quest for something new and different. Well, its time has arrived. Our Swor family from Indiana is coming to visit and we are looking forward to spoiling them with some of their favorite Southern foods that we know they love. Always on the appetizer menu are their two favorites, stuffed eggs and stuffed mushrooms, but today I’m adding Country Ham Salad Sandwiches in the hopes that I’ve discovered a new favorite that will keep them coming back to visit!


This is a great recipe because you can make the filling a day or two in advance and just put the sandwiches together when you plan to serve them.  It’s also great because you can put your own spin on the recipe. Country Ham Sandwiches are just delicious due to the unique combination of salty ham and a hint of sweet pickle. I absolutely will not pretend that this is health food. Salad is sort of a misnomer in the title and apparently refers to the fact that, cucumbers – in the form of pickles – are involved. This is party food! Holiday food! Make people happy food! In fact you should do that – whip up some Country Ham Salad Sandwiches and make yourself and someone else happy.

Country Ham Salad Sandwiches



16 oz country ham slices, or adds a bit of city ham if you want to cut back on saltiness or just don’t have enough country ham

1 clove garlic (or small amount of onion)

4 oz butter

4 Tbsp mayonnaises

2 Tbsp sweet pickle juice

5 or 6 sweet pickles

Thin sliced bread


Cook country ham until extra crispy. I like to do this on a foil-lined sheet in a 375 degree oven. It keeps grease to a minimum and makes cleanup easier.

Add ham slices and garlic to the food processor and pulse to grind.


Add butter, mayonnaise, pickle juice, and pickles and pulse to chop and combine.

Process to a spreadable consistency, adding more butter, mayonnaise, or pickle juice as needed.


Make sandwiches immediately or store spread in the fridge until ready to use.

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