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Vacation Bars

Here is a disclaimer so that you will know before you sink your teeth into reading this blog that it does not contain a list of bars to visit on your next trip. Actually, we were vacationing in Monteagle and I love cooking in a vacation home, so I made dessert bars – the kind you pick up and eat!

Have a Very Berry Merry Summer

One of the blog recipes that gets a lot of love is shortbread. It’s probably the easiest to make using simple 4 ingredients with staples that almost everyone would have. Absolutely no special equipment is required – just an oven and a pan. …

Summer on a Plate

It’s lovely to get kind comments on blog posts, but also fun to get questions. It seems that Chicken from Tennessee was popular – it is pretty yummy – and several people asked about the salad pictured alongside it.


Good for you, we are salad lovers too, particularly in the summer when there is so much delicious fresh produce to admire and acquire. …

Hot Off the Grill

By the end of last week, it was just too hot to contemplate turning on the stove or oven. My mom used to say that, and I really didn’t know what it meant until it was a hot humid 93 degrees in the backyard. A trip to the farmers market yielded fresh asparagus, corn, and some beautiful peaches for dessert.

Chicken Closer to Home

Is it okay to have favorite recipes in your own cookbooks? Hope so because my husband adores Chicken from France. We make it at least once a month. He may have been kidding but recently he asked what Chicken from Tennessee would taste like.

Rose Petal Jam

This has been such a fantastic spring for roses.


 That may not sound like an opening to a food blog but actually there is a story here and of course a recipe. It goes like this; I was sitting outside admiring my roses and reading a kind of boring novel set in a California vineyard. …

Paint the Town Red

What’s a mom to do when her baby boy turns 30? Bake a cake of course. Not just any cake but his most favorite in the world – a Red Velvet cake. He always says, “Why have plain chocolate when you can have Red Velvet?”


Part of the fun is of course the fabulous color, there’s just something special about a deep red cake. …

A Can of Corn

The plan for dinner was a stir fry in the new wok. My husband was off running errands and I asked him to pick up 3 things of things at the grocery, flank steak, a red pepper, and a can of baby corn.  The steak and the red pepper made it home but instead of baby corn they came with an unwanted friend - a can of cream style corn. 

Twice is Nice

When life gives you puff pastry create something delicious! That statement should make you question why life would actually give you puff pastry, and the answer would be because you needed one sheet to make the lovely Apple Tart on

Apple Tart in a Hurry

This apple tart is kind of a no recipe dessert which frequently means a last-minute idea. I think we can all agree that an after-dinner bite of something sugary is a universally acknowledged pleasure. Whether you are polishing off a box of girl scout cookies or enjoying a pre-nibble of that chocolate bunny you were supposed to be giving as an Easter gift, the urge for dessert is sometimes just irrepressible. …


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