Berry Pretty

It’s strawberry time in Nashville and what a marvelous time that is. Local farmer’s markets are bursting at the seams with beautiful berries and the thrill only lasts about 3 weeks so take advantage immediately. We always start with a strawberry short cake just like my mom made. Next, it’s time for a big batch of strawberry jam – enough to give away and to take us through to next year. After that – anything goes as long as strawberries are on the menu.

We experimented with that a few nights ago and I just have to share this divine creation.

It was a lovely salad with grilled pork tenderloin thinly sliced on arugula with strawberries, candied walnuts, and feta – but actually the dressing was the star, and you can make it all year long. Also, the protein is just a matter of choice– or in our case a freezer dive. Chicken, flank steak, and shrimp would be great choices.

I used our last jar of strawberry jam for this, so it’s time to make more! Good weekend project! Check out my blog for the strawberry jam recipe.

For the dressing I start with about 1 cup of jam mixed with white balsamic vinegar olive oil and salt and pepper made up all the ingredients. You can stir it shake it blend it or whoosh it up in a food processor. I think you could put this on almost anything and it would be delicious. My non-vegetable eating husband cleaned his plate of arugula lightly dressed with this yummy dressing and returned for seconds. Even if you have no desire to make jam your favorite grocery is sure to have a jar. Take advantage of strawberry season and an easy dinner that seems elegant. Enjoy!

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Strawberry Dressing

1 cup strawberry jam

4 -5 Tbsp white balsamic vinegar

3 Tbsp olive oil

Pinch salt and pepper

Blend all ingredients. I like to use a food processor but a vigorous shake in a jar will work pretty well.


For salad:

Salad Ingredients are a matter of choice, but we grilled pork tenderloin. Other good choices would be flank steak, chicken, or shrimp.

Arugula was the base, but spinach would be equally delicious.

Candied walnuts are a snap to make: heat a little butter (Tbsp) in a skillet with a cup of walnuts, 2 Tbsp sugar and a shake of garlic salt and cook stirring a couple of minutes until sugar melts. Cool in pan. You can also buy candied nuts – your favorite variety is fine.

Other additions were sliced strawberries of course and feta cheese. A little sliced Vidalia onion added a crunchy bite, but definitely use your imagination! This will be a hit! I promise.

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