Where Simplicity Meets Flavor

Sallie's Kitchen Corner is more than just a recipe blog, it's a dedicated platform where simplicity meets flavor, and local produce gets the spotlight. I believe in easy-to-read recipes, using fresh and local products, supporting local farmers and I provide easy tips and suggestions for cooking. Continue reading to learn more about Sallie's Kitchen Corner.

A close up of many baskets filled with pears
A plate of pancakes with blueberries on top.

Fresh and Local Products

At Sallie's Kitchen Corner, recipes are designed around the fresh ingredients available each season and southern specialties. I believe that the best dishes begin with the best ingredients. I also believe the best cooking comes from the heart for friends and family to savor.


I understand the challenges of cooking with dietary restrictions. That's why I offer some gluten free recipes and suggestions for how to make dishes vegetarian. I also try to offer healthy suggestions for people wanting to avoid processed foods.

A yellow bell pepper with feta cheese and olives.
A bowl of soup on top of a wooden table.

The Art of Seasonal Cooking

With Sallie's Kitchen Corner, every season is a culinary adventure. I take pride in my approach to creating dishes that not only taste divine, but also capture the essence of each season. From comforting winter stews to refreshing summer salads, I promise you can enjoy the best of my favorite dishes and new discoveries.

Join me as we explore the art of simple cooking.